Sự kiện: Giai điệu núi đồi

What are similarities between abstract expressionist paintings and minimalist design?

If there is something in common between artist Tran Thi Thu and designer Pham Kieu Phuc (co-founder of Module 7), the work reflects their life experiences and love for Northwest. Tran Thi Thu deals with rushing color and energy that she have accumulated since sticking to the highland area from childhood to adulthood. Pham Kieu Phuc repressed, and refined the design thinking that she has drawn from her observation of tangible cultural values.

Hills Melody is a combination of the two artists in an exhibition, space arrangement, and fashion show. It will be opening a series of cultural events, performances, and exhibition by artist communities to fundraise Lang house’s restoration at The Muong’s Cultural Museum.

Time and date: 18.00 Saturday 09/05/2015
Venue: Module 7, 83 Xuan Dieu, Hanoi
Artist: Pham Kieu Phuc, designer
Tran Thi Thu, artist
Entrance fee: 100,000VND

The entrance’s fee and 10% of all being sold artworks in this event will be donated for the “Lang House – Dream of rebirth” campaign of The Muong’s Culture Museum.

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